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Beppy CUP

Beppy Cup, unlike traditional menstrual cups, is the most innovative menstrual cup that allows women to experience more freedom during their periods. Having sexual intercourse is one of the most important qualities of the Beppy Cup.  The Beppy Cup makes you feel safe and confident. Thanks to the soft and flexible material, the Beppy Cup adapts completely to your body, so you can enjoy maximum comfort and reduce the risk of leakage. The cup is available in 6 different color combinations:

  • Beppy Cup Cotton Candy: pink/purple
  • Beppy Cup Midnight: black/purple
  • Beppy Cup Ocean: turquoise/transparent
  • Beppy Cup Sunrise: burgundy/orange
  • Beppy Cup Wonder: purple/turquoise
  • Beppy Cup Cherry: red/black

Each color combo includes a matching silicone bag, 2 handy cotton bags to safely transport or store your cups and 1 instructions flyer. All items of each combo are safely packed in a Beppy box.

To use for different occasions

Beppy Cup is a perfect alternative to regular cups, but has also been developed for various other occasions. The Beppy Cup® is specially designed to have sex during your period. The cup is the first reusable menstrual cup in Europe and Latin America that can also be used during sex, providing all the benefits of a cup and a mess-free period sex, thanks to its Tulip-Thin medical grade silicone material and its anti-leak interior flap. It is recommended to have sex with the Beppy Cup® in your lighter days and not in the heavier ones (if you wish to not have any leaks). The Beppy Cup can be worn during sexual intercourse, without being felt, because it does not block the Vaginal Canal.

Moreover, Beppy Cups don’t have a stem, but a loop to make the removal easier (this will help you extract the cup once you have released the vacuum seal).

The Beppy Cup gives you more freedom during swimming, a visit to the sauna, sports, a night out or sex during your period.


The best quality guarantee

The Beppy Cup has been developed by women for women and has been carefully dermatologically and clinically tested. The Beppy Cup is made of skin-friendly, non-toxic silicone of medical quality.

Beppy Cup is hygienically produced under continuous supervision in accordance with the International Standard ISO 13485:2016 (certification of medical equipment).


Discover the advantages

  • With the Beppy Cup, you are much freer during your period. You can just work out, swim, go to the sauna or have sexual intercourse.
  • Beppy Cup does not have a stem, but a handy removal loop.
  • Beppy Cup is soft and very comfortable, it shapes itself to your body.
  • No unpleasant smell.
  • Hygienic and skin-friendly Medical Grade Silicone.
  • Beppy Cup has an Anti-leak rim on the inside of the cup, reducing the risk of leakage.
  • The cup is sold in pairs to reduce the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Always a clean sterilized cup in your pocket.
  • Available in different color combinations.

How do you insert the Beppy CUP?

  • Fold the Beppy Cup together and insert the cup into the vagina, inserting the Beppy Cup takes some practice, but after some practice it goes smoothly and easy, just like using lenses..(See our blog page which folds work best for the Beppy Cup)
  • Push the Beppy Cup further with two fingers into the correct position.
  • The Beppy Cup takes on the shape of your body thanks to its soft material.
  • Make sure the Beppy Cup is open by touching the bottom part of the cup, it should be completely flat.
  • The Beppy Cup doesn’t have a stem, but a removal loop. So you can only remove the cup with one finger.
  • Do what you want for a maximum of 8 hours. Remove the Beppy Cup via the handy removal loop. It is impossible for the Beppy Cup to disappear into your body.

What is the measurement of the Beppy CUP?

The Beppy Cup is comparable in size to an S / M size of regular cups. So it is an intermediate size. The diameter at the top is 4.5 cm, the diameter at the bottom is 3.5 cm and the total length of the cup is 6 cm (incl. 1.5 cm removal loop)

What else do you need to know?

If you are using a menstrual cup for the first time, it is advisable to start with the Beppy Cup. Please keep in mind that when using the Beppy Cup during sexual intercourse, you can simply become pregnant; please note: just like other cups, the Beppy Cup is not a contraceptive. After sexual intercourse, always wait with the removal of the Beppy Cup until your vagina returns to its ‘normal’ shape. Do not use the Beppy Cup for longer than 8 hours. The minimum period of use depends on your menstrual flood.

Single Size:

The Beppy Cup is comparable in size to an S/M size of traditional cups. So it is an intermediate size. The diameter at the top is 4.5 cm, the diameter at the bottom is 3.5 cm and the total length of the cup is 6 cm (incl. 1.5 cm removal loop). It has a capacity of 25ml.

4 reviews for Beppy Menstruation Cup – 2 pieces

  1. Alejandra

    Schnelle Lieferung. Sehr schönes Produkt, es ist sehr bequem, nichts zu merken und es funktioniert sehr gut!

  2. Gretta

    Very happy with it! I have been hesitating to buy this for a while now. Haven’t regretted it for a second.

  3. Lieke

    Was für ein tolles Produkt! Sie lässt sich leicht einführen, und selbst bei einer starken Periode wie der meinen kann man sie 8 Stunden lang benutzen. Und der Sterilisator ist einfach zu bedienen.

  4. Claudia

    I changed my 40-year habit of tampons and pads and used the BeppyCup after very long doubts and little confidence. From the first use on day 1 it has already become indispensable ! No accidents, I feel clean and not at all the clumsy thing I was afraid of ! Meanwhile, also my daughter is an enthusiastic user !

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