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New to using a menstrual cup? Don’t worry, here we will tell you how to use menstrual cup properly. Since this is your first time using menstrual cups, you’ve probably wondered if you’re inserting it the right way. We understand, this is one of the most common challenges when using this feminine hygiene product for the first time. This is why you should know that, although it is not a serious indication of any discomfort or sensation, you should not feel the cup when inserting it every period. The main reason you may feel this is due to poor fit and/or insertion of the cup. Here are the steps you should follow to better insert your cup and stop feeling discomfort when using it:

  1. Know yourself: This is a process of self-knowledge, so exploring your body and getting to know the different parts that make up your vagina will be key to understanding how you should insert your menstrual cup. Try to get to know your body through visual exploration, touch and prolonged observation; what you feel and notice in the days before, during and after your period. 
  2. Sterilize: Cleanliness is a fundamental step when inserting your menstrual cup, you should never insert it without cleaning and sterilizing it. Doing this is going to help prevent toxic shock syndrome. For additional information on how to prevent health issues, reach your doctor for medical advice.
  3. Fold: Choose the fold that is easiest and most comfortable for you. You can help yourself with lubrication while learning or whenever you wish. The best thing to use is a water-based lubricant.
  4. Breathe and relax: Slow, conscious breathing helps relax muscles and oxygenate the body. This relieves stress and helps you better tolerate any discomfort you may feel. By doing so, you will help your vaginal walls dilate and insert the cup without discomfort. Since the cervix is not static (it rises and falls throughout the cycle, remaining at its lowest point once menstruation begins) it is easier to accommodate the cup during bleeding days, which is when the vaginal canal is shortest.
  5. Insert: To fit the menstrual cup correctly, place it inside the vagina and push up with your finger. 
  6. Check: This step may disappear as you become more experienced. If the cup opens correctly once you insert it, you should feel no discomfort. To do this, you must help the cup create a vacuum, which is achieved by pulling down slightly. You will know that the vacuum has been achieved once the cup puts up a little resistance when you pull it down. You may also have to repeat this step the first few times as you get used to it. Remember that the cup can be used if you also have a heavy flow. 

We hope you find these steps helpful as you begin to familiarize yourself with your menstrual cup and find it easier and easier to insert. Remember to be patient and understanding with yourself, this is a process of self-love and care, you can do it!

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