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We are Beppy. We respect your privacy and personal data, but sometimes we need personal data from you. This statement explains which data we use and how we store, protect and process this data. This privacy policy applies to our website and the products we offer. We treat your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Under 16 years of age

If you are under 16, you need permission from your parents or legal guardian to use our Website and Services.


Personal data

In order to be able to offer our Website and Services, we process personal data. The term “personal data” means information that identifies you as a person. This definition is in accordance with the Relevant Laws.


Your Consent

We may hold your data at various times, such as when you visit our Website, create an account on our Website, use our Services or when you contact us. We may process your data because we ask for your consent through this privacy policy. In addition, we need your data to execute the agreement between you and us. If you choose not to share your data, we cannot process it.


Furthermore, we will not process your data without your consent, unless we are legally obliged to do so.


What data do we collect and how do we use it?

In order to use our Website and Services, we require the following information from you:

Your name

Your address

Place of residence

Your phone number

Your e-mail address

Your IP Address


We also collect some non-personal information from you when you use our Website, such as:


The name of the browser you are using

The operating system you use

The service provider you use to access the internet

The type of device you use to connect to the Website.


Social media


If you use social media features on our Website, the social media provider may send us information (according to its policy). This may include your name, profile picture, gender, friend lists and other information you have made available. Don’t want this? Then change the privacy settings on your social media account.


If you indicate that you like an article, that article will appear on your social media account when you are logged in. When you visit a web page that uses social media plug-ins, your browser sends certain information to the provider of your social media account. We have no control over this data exchange.


Market research

We may ask you to participate in a market survey. We will then use your data for the market research. We use these statistics anonymously for Beppy. You can cancel the questionnaire at any time. Your answers will not be given to third parties and will never be made public. The answers will not be linked to your e-mail address.



If you take part in a promotion or competition, we will ask you for the following information: E-mail address, place of residence and telephone number, gender, first name and surname. This enables us to carry out the action and announce the prize winner(s). This is also how we measure the response to our advertising campaigns.

We will only use your data for the above purposes, or for a purpose that is closely related. Thus, your data will never be used by us in an unexpected way.



We are committed to protecting your personal data from loss, destruction, use, alteration or disclosure by unauthorised persons. This ensures that those who have nothing to do with your data cannot access it. We do this by means of the following measures:

Securing of network connections with Secure Socket Layer (SSL), or similar technology

Confidentiality statement

Retention period

We will not retain your personal data any longer than we need it for the purposes outlined above.



We will only process your data within the European Union. We will only process your data outside the European Union if that country offers an adequate level of protection.

We will not transfer your data to countries or parties other than those listed above without your consent.



Our Website may contain links to other websites. We are not responsible for the content or privacy protection of these websites. We advise you to read the privacy policy of the website in question.


A cookie is a small text file that is sent from a website’s server to the browser. The browser then stores the file in your device. Your device is given a unique number, which allows our site to recognise it later.

We may use cookies to improve your experience on our Website. Cookies also ensure that the Website is fast, that you can visit our Website safely and that we can detect errors on our Website, among other things.

You can always delete or disable cookies yourself via the browser settings. No cookies will then be stored when you visit our Website. Please note, however, that without cookies our Website may not function as well as it should. For more information, please read our cookie policy:

Modification of the privacy policy

We may amend this privacy policy. If we make any substantial changes to this privacy policy, we will place a notice on our Website along with the new privacy policy. We will notify users who have registered their email address with us of any changes. If you are not registered as a user, we recommend that you consult the Website and this statement regularly.

Do we transfer your personal data outside Switzerland or Liechtenstein?

We store personal data on servers in the Netherlands, as all our logistics and marketing activities take place at our headquarters in Rotterdam and Beppy is a Dutch company.

Your rights

The information we collect from you is personal. You therefore have the following rights:

– You may ask us to access your data;

– You may ask us to correct, limit or delete your data;

– You may ask us for a copy of your data. We can also pass on this copy – at your request – to another party, so that you no longer have to do this yourself;

– You can object to the processing of your data;

– You can file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority if you believe that we are unlawfully processing your data;

– You can always withdraw your permission to process your data. From the moment you withdraw your permission, we are no longer allowed to process your data.

If you have any other questions or comments about our privacy policy, please contact us using the details below.




Beppy, the Netherlands Seinhuiswachter 1-3

3034 KH Rotterdam

Chamber of Commerce number: 24123466

+3110 467 65 73


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